ABBA Renewables, a wholly owned subsidiary of ABBA Engineering, announces the acquisition of Dara Switchboards one of the largest switchboard manufacturers …

Exports to Papua New Guinea- Remington Technologies commercial hub

Remington has been a part of PNG since 1948 providing Print and software solutions in the city of Port Moresby. DaRa ...

University of Western Australia – EZONE

The University of Western Australia – Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences EZONE is building a new home to transform the …


The New AFL Project in Lathlain Park in Perth’s inner-southern suburbs is a state of art sports training facility for West …

Secondary Injection Testing

Protection schemes often involve the use of logic to determine the conditions under which designated circuit breakers should be tripped. Traditionally, …

The Importance of Good Power Quality

Power quality is simply the interaction of electrical power with electrical equipment. If electrical equipment operates correctly and reliably without being …

How battery storage would change the way we think about energy?

 The electricity grid is a complex system in which power supply and demand must be equal at any given moment. Constant adjustments to …

The Ultimate Guide to Building Automation Systems

Building automation is the centralized control of an entire facilities heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), Lighting, Security, Fire and other systems. …

Importance of industrial training for Engineering graduates

Engineering is an evergreen branch since few decades. All aspirants who have an interest in engineering want to make a glittering …

Commercial Solar Boom in Australia

Experts says Australia’s solar power boom could almost double capacity in a year, Solar farm approvals and record rooftop installations expected …

Voltage And Current Levels

Voltage and current levels in electrical engineering is very important. As any electrical system, equipment, devices all are characterized by their …

How Air Circuit Breaker Works

An air Circuit Breaker (ACB) is an electrical device used to provide Overcurrent and short-circuit protection for electric circuits over 800 ...

How Circuit Breakers Work

The circuit breaker is an absolutely essential device in the modern world,

Why is Power Factor So Important In Electrical Power System ?

Generally, we can define the term power factor in three ways;

Everything You Need To Know About Group Meter Panels

Group meter panels (GMPs) are an economical and space-saving solution for multi-tenant buildings. These switchboards are also ideal for shopping centres, …

Dara Manufacturing Electrical Switchboards Of The Future

Take a look around any office, home or commercial building and you’ll no doubt stumble

Are Your Switchboards Up To Scratch?

Switchboard regulations for Australia and New Zealand have changed to meet

Supporting Australian Shopping Centres With Group Meter Panels

Australia has the third largest shopping centre market globally, comprising over 1,700 centres Australia-wide, according to research group Ubris. Sitting behind …

Supercharging Electric Vehicles In Australia

The Tesla Model 3 is about to hit the market, but is Australia ready? Despite being one of the most highly-anticipated …

Dara Switchboards: Helping Australian Buildings Go Green

As industrial and commercial buildings change to meet the growing trend towards sustainability what of the electrical requirements of these facilities?

How Our Dara Synergy Choice Panelboards Process Works

DaRa Switchboards offers quality panelboards for customers in all industries. Let’s take a look at how our process has recently improved even further.

Gateway Plaza Leopold

Vicinity Centres is pleased to announce construction of the $72 million expansion and redevelopment of Gateway Plaza Leopold has commenced.

How Dara Delivers Group Meter Panels Faster Than Ever Before

-With the introduction of new technologies to our manufacturing facility, we can design and deliver switchboards faster than ever before.

Making Our Manufacturing Facility Smarter With Bossard

DaRa is always looking for ways to improve our manufacturing facility, and with innovative technology from Bossard, we’ve done just that.

Dara Switchboards Welcomes 4.0 Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 welcomes a host of innovative digital solutions to manufacturing processes. Learn how DaRa Switchboards is integrating new technology.

How Switchboards Will Evolve In An Age Of Smart Technology

The future of switchboards is likely to be closely tied to smart technology and IoT. Find out how DaRa Switchboards can power you now and then.

What Materials Go Into Our Custom Switchboards?

How do we help choose the right material for our custom switchboard enclosures? Our design team are experienced in environmental considerations and more.

Dara Makes Their Mark In Energy Storage

DaRa manufactures switchboards to meet the needs of any project. Here we look at two recent installations that made the most of our switchboards.

Using Group Metering Panels To Measure Power Consumption

Group metering panels allow apartment complexes to isolate the usage of individual units to provide accurate billing and disconnection capabilities.

How Will Switchboards Work With The Internet Of Things?

The Internet of Things is allowing devices to connect and communicate with each other. How will the future switchboard help facilitate this transition?

Tribe Hotel -WA

Tribe Hotel group aims to revolutionise the traditional hotel experience by challenging the norms to attract the new generation of traveller …

New Sealy Factory – Western Australia

Sealy has a long history of making quality beds. The first Sealy mattresses were made in 1881, in a small town …

Tesla extends supercharger network to Brisbane

Tesla’s east coast Supercharger network will soon get you and your $100,000-plus electric supercar from Brisbane to Adelaide. Construction has started …

Is your team switched on to safety procedures?

Do you have a proper maintenance plan in place to take care of your switchboard? Keeping your power on and employees safe doesn’t have to be a headache.

Modular switchboards and a flexible future

Our world is changing, with commercial and industrial buildings requiring energy for a diverse number of functions. Which switchboard is right for your building?

Have you experienced a DaRa switchboard?

DaRa creates custom switchboards using a step-by-step process commencing from the time a customer makes an initial enquiry to product delivery.

Size matters: Scaling switchboards with DaRa

Fitting out a building or commercial complex with the right-sized switchboard is crucial for ensuring the effective supply and distribution of power.

Three reasons to switch to DaRa

DaRa collaborates with customers to provide competitively-priced, high-quality switchboards manufactured at its state-of-the art facility in Melbourne.

Our customers turn waste in wealth

We live in a time of eco-friendly focuses, with clean, renewable energy at the forefront of many industries’ goals. Here is how DaRa have been helping out.

DaRa’s electrical switchboards at the heart of neurological

A new neuroscience facility in Western Australia is nearing completion, and DaRa Switchboards played a little part in its development.

How DaRa contributed shaping the future of solar energy

Solar energy continues to grow in popularity across Australia, thanks to its green, renewable quality. DaRa were involved in the construction of a new station.

Palais Theatre

The Palais Theatre holds a special place in the hearts of many thousands of people and it has been a wonderful …

Is it better to upgrade or replace your switchboard?

Does your electrical switchboard need upgrading or replacing? Read on to find out how the team at DaRa Switchboards have you covered.

Komatsu DC Warehouse Facility

Komatsu was founded in Komatsu city in 1921. Komatsu built its first crawler tractor more than 65 years ago and has …

The Glasshouse

AgriBio, Centre for AgriBioscience comprises some 33,000 square metres of research laboratory, glasshouses and office accommodation for 400 researchers and students. …

Will home automation require electrical upgrades?

Home automation and smart devices are providing individuals with more information on their energy than ever before, but can modern switchboards cope?

Queens Riverside

Queens Riverside is part of a vision. Part of Perth’s first luxurious residential quarter. The Australian Financial Review is reporting that …

ONLY Flemington

ONLY Flemington is a project by Caydon, a leading developer known for creating a vertical way of life and searching out …

Luxurious Vetroblu Apartments

VetroBlu is an exciting development consisting of luxurious, stunning ocean view of different type of bedroom apartments with spacious open plan …


Following a competitive tender process, PACT was awarded the contract to construct the new community facility in Beckenham. This mixed-use facility …


Former mining executives Ian Grljusich and Lloyd McAuley have traded long careers in the mining industry, including many years spent working …


Steinert Australia is a specialist in delivering separation technologies not only for upgrading coal, but also minerals and iron ore and …

Tesla at Cassegrain

The future of motoring has arrived at Cassegrain’s estate in Port Macquarie, with the installation of the first Tesla Supercharger Station …

Hitachi $100 million Facility Set For Perth

Planning Minister John Day has welcomed the decision by manufacturing giant Hitachi Construction Machinery (Australia) Pty Ltd (HCA) to establish a …

Australia’s largest battery has Arrived

Australia’s largest battery has arrived in Buninyong, south of Ballarat, and will be connected to the grid in the coming weeks.

Connecting Ararat Wind Farm to the Grid

Powercor’s largest transformer has arrived in Elmhurst where it will connect the Ararat Wind Farm to the National Electricity Grid and …

WA Sarich Neuroscience Research Institute (SNRI)

A NEW world-class centre for neurological research being built at the QEII Medical Centre in Nedlands is a step closer to …

What to consider before switching to solar energy

Many Australian homes and businesses have made the transition to solar energy. Before making the switch, what are some concerns you should be aware of?

Will the Tesla Model 3 boost EV sales?

Electric vehicle sales have been slow off the mark in Australia, but the Tesla Model 3 may be about to change that. How is DaRa helping the industry expand?

Selecting a switchboard for Australia’s tough environment

Australia is a land of climactic extremes which any facility needs to account for when choosing electrical switchboards. How can DaRa help with this selection?

Choosing the right switchboard

  Given the wealth of appliances and electrical devices people use – in both their personal and professional lives – it’s …

Temporary power switchboard for BHP Mooka OCRS project

BHP Billiton is executing a purpose built ore car repair shop (OCRS) at Mooka, 33 kilometres south of Port Hedland.

Tesla adds two Supercharger stations in Australia for city-to-city travel

Tesla Motors, Inc. is an American automotive and energy storage company that designs, manufactures, and sells electric cars, electric vehicle powertrain …

“Bright Sunny Day “Uterne solar power project

In the local Arrente language “Uterne” means “bright sunny day”and is the perfect name for southern hemisphere’s largest tracking solar power …

Invest in a robust and efficient estimation and design package

The investment comes to cater to our customer base more efficiently, with timely delivery of our services and design solutions. The …

Learns lean manufacturing

Full time employees, including the management team, to undertake lean manufacturing and leadership training to drive Dara Switchboards

Dara Switchboards to use new Galaxy 3 software in CUBIC switchboard design

The new Galaxy 3 software comes with 3D views of design, making it easy for the designer to come up with …

Retrofitting LV panels for Citipower/Powercor substations

CitiPower and Powercor own and operate two of Australia’s largest electricity networks, supplying power to almost 1.1 million customers. CitiPower owns …

Motor control centres for Puma Energy Fuel Import Facility in Townsville

Puma Energy is a global integrated midstream and downstream oil company active in over 40 countries. Formed in 1997 in Central …

Main switchboard for NHP Richmond Head Office

As part of the electrical supply upgrade to NHP’s head office in Richmond, the main switchboard was replaced by a more …

GPM Gold Project Albion Process™ plant in Armenia

Dara is proud to supply Australian made Electrical switchboards to GPM Gold Project Albion Process™ plant in Armenia Dara’s  switchboards are supplied …

Electrical switchboards for Elaine terminal station (ELTS)

Dara Switchboards is the manufacturer of low voltage electrical switchboards and automatic supply changeover switchboards to ELTS which is the first …

Main switchboard for BP Port Hedland Terminal

BP is one of the world’s leading international oil and gas companies, providing customers with fuel for transportation, energy for heat …

Motor control centres for Largs North Terminal in Adelaide-BP Australia

Dara Switchboards was awarded the manufacture of the new motor control centre for BP’s Largs North Terminal where the electrical infrastructure …

Motor control centre for BP Broome Electrical Upgrade

BP is one of the world’s leading international oil and gas companies providing customers with fuel for transportation, energy for heat …

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