Solar Grid Protection Boards

Simple and trustworthy solution for your Industrial and commercial grid protection requirements. We at Dara Switchboards offers pre-tested (secondary injection tested to your given DNSP settings), all DNSP approved, Grid Protection Unit for your solar system to meet the AS/ANZ 61439 and 4777 requirements.


  • We offer a 30kw to 110kw standard (single or multiple inverters) off-the-shelf grid protection board or custom switchboard design that Suits your project.
  • Indoor/Outdoor boards, come with IP42, IP 54, IP 65 and  IP66. 
  • Powder Coated metal Enclosures ranging from 400×400, 600×600, and 800×600 in height and width. 
  • Protection relays ABB, Mainspro, Intelipro 
  • Schneider, Legrand, Eaton, NHP switchgear. 
  • All the boards come with AS/NZS 61439 compliance certificate. 
  • We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.  


  • Commercial and light industrial 
  • Shopping centres 
  • Schools 
  • Buildings 
  • Child care centres 
  • Shops 
  • Apartments 
  • Factories 
  • Mixed developments 
  • Aged cares 
  • Hospitals 

*Representative Photo Only
(Actual product may vary based on configuration selections)

Why us? 

  • Off the-shelf procurement option for our standard product range (30kW to 110kW) with a couple of days lead time. 
  • Market Leading prices for the 110KW and below, Single Invertor and Multi Inverter range. 
  • We Offer Pre tested Grid protection boards, with on-demand Secondary Injection Test (SIT) report option. 
  • Remote Monitoring and controlling ready serial communication enabled ABB protection relays for future proof PV system. 
  • Our ABB relay (CMD-UFD.M33.M) can be accessed via a secure internet platform to monitor system parameters and status, also this allows remote maintenance and troubleshooting. 
  • 12+ years of experience in Switchboards Manufacturing and counting. 
  • In-House Designing and Manufacturing using high-quality Australian Switchgear products. 
  • 1000+ successful installations in the last 4 years to support Australians to reach 100% clean energy target. 
  • Our designs offer easy plug and play, mounting, cabling features with Compact Design. 
  • We offer 100% flexibility in our customized designs to meet your special needs. Dedicated, highly qualified, technical and after-service support team to assist you. 

We make complex solar testing simple and fast so you can connect the solar system to the grid fast

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