Mechanical Services Switchboards (MSSB)

  • Water heating and cooling systems
  • Smoke and toilet exhaust fans
  • Suction pumps, compressors
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Fire alarm signal units
  • Hand dryers
  • Apartment air conditioning, water heating and cooling systems
  • Car parks and store rooms for ventilation systems
  • Residential kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans
  • Factory fire alarm system

Robust and practical switchboard solutions for a wide range of HVAC applications.

Mechanical Services Switchboards manufactured at Dara Switchboards provide a practical solution that are easily configurable and very robust in construction.

These panel boards offer a wide range of functionality that allows electrical installations such as air conditioning systems and other mechanical peripherals to be controlled. Panel boards can also come with pilot light indicators and auto-off-manual control switches so as to allow for easy control of circuits such as fire alarm units.

Enclosures of MSSB’s are manufactured from high quality materials and come in various sizes to meet customer requirements offering optimal usage of space with the option to add more electrical installations allowing the flexibility to accommodate increase in capacity.
Designed and manufactured with Relay logic, VSDs, soft starters and maximum controllers, our mechanical services switchboards (MSSB) offer a robust and practical switchboard solution, and are very easy to configure for a wide range of installations.
We design and manufacture a full range of mechanical services switchboards from small control panels to large mechanical distribution boards, including custom, modular or pre-fabricated systems

This robust and configurable system is suitable for low voltage ≤630A distribution switchboards, particularly in light industrial and commercial applications.

Safely contained in a high quality mechanical switchboard enclosure

The DaRa mechanical switchboard enclosures (both DSC and DSS) are manufactured from high quality materials, come in various sizes to meet your specific requirements, while offering optimal usage of space.

They also come with the option to add further electrical installations to give you extra flexibility and accommodate an increase in capacity if necessary.

Our enclosures comply with AS3439.3 (DSC) and AS3439.1 and 3 (DSS), and can be either wall mounted, or floor mounted using a channel plinth. Optional extras include a rainhood for added weather protection and lockable handles.

Our MSSBs are suitable for a wide range of applications

Offering a wide range of functionality, the DaRa mechanical switchboard allows easy control of certain electrical installations, such as air conditioning, hand dryers and other mechanical peripherals.

They have the option to be fitted with visible pilot light indicators and auto-off manual control switches, will allow for easy control of circuits, such as fire alarm units, and a programmable controller with manual override facility if required.

They’re the ideal solution for water heating and cooling systems, smoke and toilet exhaust fans, suction pumps, compressors, apartment air conditioning, ventilation systems in car parks and store rooms, residential kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans, and factory and domestic fire alarm systems.

Ordering a DaRa MSSB

If you’d like to order a DaRa MSSB, contact our sales and engineering team for pricing, and we’ll put together a quote for you, depending on your requirements. Once you’ve confirmed your order, we’ll generate the approval and construction drawings which will be sent to you within 48 – 72 hours upon receipt of all site and installation specific requirements.

When you’re completely happy with the design and specifications, we’ll assemble your switchboard and fit the required electrical equipment, including switches, controls and the optional extras. Only after final testing and QA, will we deliver your MSSB to your site.

Could Your Installation Benefit From A Mechanical Services Switchboard?

In most cases, the answer is yes, and if this applies to you then a Dara switchboard can satisfy all of your electrical management demands and help you run your installation safely and more efficiently.

In the past ten years, our operation has grown from a ten-person team serving a modest customer roster to a three-plant operation working with some of the largest global corporations. Our ability to consistently deliver quality systems that are tailor designed to client specifications under tight deadlines is reflected in the widespread success we have enjoyed since we started operating.

Whether your business is a small outfit of five people or a large multi-facility corporation spread across the globe we can supply the electrical management systems that will help expand your operation.

Manage Your Business’ Electrical Operations Easily

Switchboards help your business to manage all of its electrical operations by combining all of its system controls in one easily accessible location. Dara Switchboards can be tailor manufactured according to your specific business requirements to meet your exact needs efficiently.

With our engineering and project management expertise, we have delivered a number of motor control centre installations that take your productivity and budget into consideration.

When choosing to install one of our switchboards, you can rest assured that your mechanical switchboard will be serviced carefully and comprehensively. Depending on the nature of your business, we can install one or more service boards at your property to help you manage a variety of applications.

You may have a number of processes in mind for your new control centre, some of the most commonly requested systems that require the installation of switchboards are:

  • Air ventilation systems
  • Toilet exhaust fans
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Building management systems
  • Central heating systems
  • Chillers

The Benefits Of A Mechanical Services Switchboard

Purchasing either a commercial switchboard or an industrial switchboard is an investment in the productivity and future growth of your business.

Tracking the status of your electrical systems can save valuable time when trying to locate potential issues with functionality and areas that can be improved or streamlined. You can control any additional electrical system installations you may want to make in your building, as well as increase the capacity of your unit to allow for additional control services.

Upgrading your system can increase safety in your business and decrease the likelihood of a system overload. In the event of a circuit trip a switchboard allows you to restore power in your building safely, it can also give you increased protection against electrocution and fire.

Make The Switch To Dara

Take a look at our blog on our website to see some of our past projects and collaborations. While there you can also find informative information about the mechanics of electrical supply distribution as well as industry updates.

We’re confident you will appreciate the quality and scale of our work and consider a Dara switchboard for your next facility or upgrade. Contact us by phone or through our website to discuss the industry-leading services we can offer you.

Contact DaRa for more information or to order your MSSB

If you require any further information about our mechanical switchboards or you’d like us to prepare a quote based on your specifications, call our sales and engineering team on 03 8544 3300, send an email to, or complete our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible

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  • Designed and manufactured with Relay logic, VSD’s, Soft starters, Maximum Controllers etc.

DaRa Enclosures used to construct MSSB’s

  • DSC (IP42)
  • DSS (IP56) upgradable to IP66 with rainhood.

Technical Data

  • Complies with AS3439.3 (DSC)
  • Complies with AS3439.1 and 3 (DSS)
  • Can be wall mounted or floor mounted using a channel plinth

Optional Accessories and Features

  • Accessories used on the DSC and DSS boards are available including rain hoods, lockable handles etc.
  • Switchboards to incorporate a visible fixed panel fitted with manual/auto/off selection switches with pilot lights. Programmable controller with manual override facility,where required.

Full range of mechanical services switchboards from small control panels to large mechanical distribution boards, custom, modular or pre-fabricated.This robust and configurable system offering is for low-voltage ≤630A distribution switchboards suitable for commercial and light industrial applications.

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