IP 66 Heavy Duty Enclosures

  • Brass chrome plated block hinges on door allows 180° opening
  • Lift off door with full height integral door stiffener for extra strength
  • Circuit identification and Schedule cards
  • Double return gutter on enclosure to deflect dust and water
  • Top, bottom removable gland plates with increased gland area
  • Can be wall mounted or floor mounted using a channel plinth
  • Pre-punched rail mounting system for ease of equipment fitting
  • Keyhole mounting holes top and bottom as standard
  • Can be joined together to make up any shape required for custom electrical installations

Some sites need more protection than others.

That’s why, at Dara, we also offer heavy duty enclosures to cope with the toughest environmental conditions. Proven to withstand the toughest environmental conditions, our heavy duty enclosures are used predominantly in mining sites across Australia.

1.6 mm Mild steel panel boards are used for applications of below 250A and the 2.00 mm series is used for high current applications, providing more space inside and gland plates (surface) area for a high volume of cable management. These panel boards are tough and manufactured from high quality steel, fully welded with the double return enclosure sealing flange that compresses tightly against the premium grade sealing gasket which can withstand compression properties at the highest temperatures. This attention to detail, extends the lifespan and increases the safety of the valuable electrical equipment inside.

For the toughest environmental conditions, we recommend heavy duty electrical switchboard enclosures. Particularly suitable for mining sites, theses enclosures are NATA tested for its highest IP rating.

Enclosures made with 1.0-1.6 mm Zincseal mild steel panel boards are suitable for applications of 250A and below, while the 2.00 mm series is more suitable for high current applications, providing more space inside and a gland plates area to accommodate a high volume of cable management.

An extra-tough switchboard enclosure that’s manufactured from high quality steel

Our extra-tough panel boards are manufactured from high quality steel and are fully welded with a double return enclosure sealing flange that compresses tightly against the premium grade sealing gasket.

This enables the switchboard enclosure to withstand compression properties at the highest temperatures, thus extending the lifetime of the enclosure, and giving extra safety and security to the valuable electrical equipment that’s inside.

All our switchboard enclosures have been designed with a wide range of features, that ensure that that they are fit for purpose, practical and can be made to any shape for custom installations.

A wide range of features for a reliable enclosure that can be fully customised to meet your needs

From a lift off door with full height integral door stiffener for extra strength to the brass chrome plated block hinges that allow 180opening, our switchboard enclosure doors are strong and practical.

They also provide the maximum surface area, with top and bottom removable gland plates, and the keyhole mounting holes top and bottom and pre-punched rail mounting system make it easy for the enclosure to be either wall mounted, or floor mounted with the use of a channel plinth.

Our enclosures come with a double return gutter to deflect dust and water, and have an optional rainhood. Plus, just like all DaRa switchboard enclosures, they’re made in Australia, and come with circuit identification and schedule cards

Customise your DaRa switchboard enclosure

Our switchboard enclosures can be joined together to make any shape for your custom installation. Available in Pastel Grey or Electric Orange powder coating external finish as standard to ensure a superior, long-lasting anti-rust finish, they can also be shaded to your own colour requirements.

Other optional extras include aluminium or brass gland plates, door stays, IPA studs on escutcheon, galvanised plinth and stand options, cyclone protection kits, together with a choice of 316 marine grade stainless steel or aluminium construction.

To find out more about our custom switchboard enclosures price, get in touch with the team here at DaRa.

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To request costings for your standard or custom switchboard enclosure, or for further information, please don’t hesitate to call our sales and engineering team on 03 8544 3300, send an email to info@dara-switchboards.com.au, or complete our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Dara are a switchboard manufacturing company based in Melbourne. We sell switchboard gear online such as switchboard escutcheon, switchboard enclosures, meter panels & more.

Looking For High-Quality Metal Switchboard Enclosures?

Then we have just what you need and more! With nearly a decade of experience in the industry, the team behind Dara came together in 2010 with one simple objective; to provide a complete switchboard solution that would allow our clients to turn up, turn on and trust that their power distribution needs would be met.

Our expert management team works closely with some of the world’s most respected low voltage electrical component design and manufacturing companies to bring our clients the quality power distribution they need.

Each member of our team is an industry leader in their specialist area of design, project management, and manufacturing operations.

In short, we work hard to manufacture custom-built switchboards for the Australian and global markets, so that our clients have the tools and systems to excel and grow in everything that they do. Our switchboards are in compliance with all Australian standards and local service regulations.

The Unmistakable Qualities Of Industrial Switchboards

Over nearly ten years we have delivered power flow solutions to projects in hazardous environments. From ports to mine shafts, from petrochemical plants to solar energy facilities we have designed switchboards that incorporate heavy-duty enclosures and protection schemes to Increase the reliability of the installation.

These cabinets can be floor or wall mounted, their modular design means they can be connected together to form any shape for custom electrical installations.

All of our industrial boards are available in either marine grade stainless steel or aluminium, finished in either N12 pastel grey or X15 electric orange and are NATA tested for the highest IP rating. If you require a different colour enclosure then we can shade the finishing to meet your desired results.

Our Growing Client List

Dara Switchboards has built bespoke heavy duty electrical management solutions for some of the biggest names in Australia and around the world including:

  • BHP
  • Tesla
  • Puma Energy
  • Origin Energy
  • Steinert
  • Agl energy
  • Energy Australia
  • Powercor

We are committed to meeting our clients’ power distribution and protection needs. As global environmental conditions become a more prominent focus and energy needs change Dara is excited about the future possibilities of electricity generation, distribution and protection.

Protect Your Power Distribution With Dara

If you are planning a large-scale construction or mining project then supplying your site with enough power safely is an absolute must. We are the experts in industrial panel board wiring and can ensure your project will be taken care of power wise.

There is no better way to satisfy your electrical supply needs in an industrial environment than with a Dara designed and manufactured switchboard enclosure tailored to your specifications. Get in touch with us today and we can start the process of mapping out just what you will require and building the perfect switchboard for your project.

Drop us a line by phone, email or by chatting with us directly through our website. Our experienced sales team will be more than happy to take you through the process from initial quote to design all the way to final delivery. For a stronger sense of the calibre and quality of our work, you can browse the finished projects and case studies published on our website.

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(Actual product may vary based on configuration selections)

Technical Data

  • Complies with AS/NZS 3439.1 and 3439.3
  • IP56 Degree of protection as standard and upgradable to IP66 with rain hood
  • 1.6mm and 2.0mm Zincseal steel construction
  • N12 Pastel Grey or X15 Electric Orange external finish as standard
  • The powder coated finish involves a two stage preparation, consisting of degreasing, iron phosphate etch and rinse followed by an electro – statically applied polyester powder coat (120 microns thick), (ensuring anti-rust conditioning, superior finish and lasting strength)

Optional Accessories and Feature

  • 316 marine grade stainless steel or Aluminium construction
  • Can be shaded for your Architect’s special colour requirements, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • Aluminum or Brass gland plates
  • Rainhood for outdoor applications
  • Door stays
  • IPA Studs on Escutcheon
  • Galvanized plinth/stand options for floor mounting
  • External mounting bracket kits or welded mounting brackets for frame or wall mounted applications
  • Lifting provisions for crane handling on site
  • Ventilation louvers
  • 3 point locking and other locking mechanisms (quarter turn, swing handle etc)
  • Cyclone protection kits
  • Flush surround kits
  • Stainless steel painted or orbital sanded finish

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