Are You Intimidated By Your Industrial Panel Board Wiring?

Don’t be! Let Dara Switchboards help untangle that mess of complicated wiring and tidy it away with an upgraded panel board.

We have been manufacturing and installing industrial panel board wiring for some of the most well-known names like Powercor, Tesla, BHP and Origin for nearly a decade now and in that time we have gone from strength to strength.

Whether you run a small two-person electrical contracting outfit or a large mining corporation we have the products and expertise to meet the energy demands of your given industry.

Our Range Of High-Performance Industrial Panel Boards

At Dara Switchboards, we recognise the importance of tight deadlines and quality electrical products. That is why we work to deliver our design services and manufactured electrical products in real time.

Our three thousand meter squared manufacturing facility contains everything we need to design and build the perfect switchboard to suit your needs. We specialise in using the latest technology in design and engineering switchboards to meet the specific demands our clients face in the mining, industrial, petrochemical, utility, solar and commercial sectors.

We manufacture custom designed units such as:

  • Group meter panels
  • DSE panels
  • Automation panel boards
  • DSC panel boards
  • Mechanical services switchboards
  • DSG panel boards
  • Modular switchboards

Opening The Door For Future Generations

Dara Switchboards is proud to offer a comprehensive internship program that provides more than fifty opportunities per year for young engineering and IT graduates to gain hands-on experience to benefit their education.

More than one hundred and fifty graduates have completed in-plant training to date. Where government organisations were once the primary employers for student engineers and suppliers of graduate programs we are happy to step in and fill the void of experience created through privatisation.

Engineers Australia has a responsibility to provide much-needed hands-on experience to enable the next generation to increase their skills and meet industry demands with confidence once they complete their education.

We believe that strong technical and hands-on experience is essential for students entering the industry and therefore our internship program incorporates workshop skills alongside design, engineering and project management skills.

Candidates are selected for our internship program through Engineers Australia. Young engineers also join this program to complete their mandatory 12 weeks internship through leading universities in Melbourne like RMIT, Monash, Swinburn, Deakin, Victoria etc and, university vacation/part-time internships from all over Australia.

See What Dara Switchboards Can Do For You

For an industrial panel board that is specifically made to match the needs of your operation, Dara is the smart choice. We have a track record of delivering to a strict deadline so once we understand the detail of your business we can have your switchboard delivered and installed on site before you know it.

Why not take a look at our full product range available on our website to get a better sense of what we can offer you. We have something to suit the power management needs of everyone.

If you have any uncertainties or questions then don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and one of our customer service agents will be happy to help.

Get in touch with the team at DaRa Switchboards

If you need further information on any aspect of our design or fabrication process, or would like to discuss your custom switchboard requirements, our sales and engineering team are more than happy to help.

Call 03 8544 3300 for pricing and enquiries, send an email to or complete our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with the information you require.

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