Automation Panel Boards

  • Ample space inside to manage high volume of cables
  • Can be made to have doors and escutcheons hinged left or right
  • Removable hinged escutcheon
  • Top, bottom removable gland plates
  • Can be wall mounted or floor mounted using a channel plinth
  • Circuit identification and schedule cards supplied
  • Can be joined together to make up any shape required for custom electrical installations

With an increasing demand in Automation in mind, we’ve developed our DSE Automation Panel Board.

DSE Automation panels have been designed to cater the increasing demand in Automation, S-BUS, Dynalite and many more controllers in building automation systems.

These panels are spacious and designed to install from one to multiple controllers with the option of running cable ducts and split neutrals for each controller.

Applications :

  • Building automation projects
  • Lighting control panels
  • Fire Control Panels
  • PLC controls

*Representative Photo Only
(Actual product may vary based on configuration selections)


Technical Data :

  • Complies with AS/NZS 3439.3
  • IP42 Degree of protection as standard and upgradable to IP52 with door gaskets
  • Enclosure depth 225 mm including door
  • Enclosure width 590mm
  • 6 mm CR steel construction
  • The powder coated finish involves a two stage preparation, consisting of degrease,iron phosphate etch and rinse followed by an electro-statically applied polyester powder coat(80 microns thick), ensuring anti-rust conditioning, superior finish and lasting strength.

Optional Accessories and Features :

  • Can be shaded for your Architects special colour requirements resulting in an aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • Aluminium or Brass gland plates
  • Cable ducts for cable management
  • Split neutrals for each controller


Part No Enclosure Dimensions (mm) Number of 24 Module Space
DSE C-BUS 2M 800 145 400 2
DSE C-BUS 3M 800 145 600 3
DSE C-BUS 4M 800 145 800 4
DSE C-BUS 5M 800 145 1000 5
DSE C-BUS 6M 800 145 1200 6
DSE C-BUS 7M 800 145 1400 7
DSE C-BUS 8M 800 145 1600 8
DSE C-BUS 9M 800 145 1800 9

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