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Commencing operations in 2010, DARA Switchboards was born from the management buy-out of the Australian manufacturing arm of a world-leading electrical engineering company.

Our elite management team has over 30 years of experience gained from working with some of the world’s most respected low voltage electrical component design and manufacturing companies .

All industry leaders are in their specialist areas of design, project management and manufacturing operations.

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Our company is an ISO 9001: 2008 acredited company with also acreditation from Orignial manufacturers such as CUBIC, ELSTEEL and LEGRAND XL3.

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Forms of Seperation

Manufacturing a variety of different switchboard types from a Form 1 to Form 4 switchboard

As one of the leading switchboard manufacturers in Australia, DaRa design and custom manufacture a variety of different switchboard types from the Form 1 to the Form 4 switchboard, based on the form of separation you need.

Why it’s necessary to partition switchboards

There are 4 main reasons for partitioning a switchboard.

  1. To protect against direct contact with dangerous parts
  2. To protect the switchboard from the penetration of solid foreign bodies
  3. To separate the busbars, equipment and connections to limit the propagation of an electric arc inside the switchboard
  4. To facilitate maintenance or switchboard upgrades

What can you expect to find in a form 4 switchboard?

Form 4 switchboards cover assemblies that are enclosed to provide protection against contact with its internal live parts and components. The busbar system is separated from the functional units, and each functional unit is separated from each other. The ingoing and outgoing terminals are also separated from each other and the other components.

Within Form 4, the forms of separation vary as follows:

Form 4a Type 1, busbar separation is achieved by an insulated covering such as a PVC sleeve, wrapping or coating, with cables terminating in the same compartment as the associated unit, or glanded elsewhere, e.g. in a common cabling chamber.

In Form 4a Type 2, the busbar separation is achieved by metallic or non-metallic rigid barriers or partitions. Treatment of the cables remains the same.

In Form 4a Type 3, the busbar separation is achieved by metallic or non-metallic rigid barriers or partition. However, the termination for each functional unit has its own integral glanding facility.

In a Form 4b switchboard, Form 4b Type 4 has busbar separation via insulated coverings, but the terminals are external to the functional unit and separated by insulated coverings, while cables may be glanded elsewhere, for example, in a common cabling chamber.

Form 4b Type 5, has busbar separation via metallic or non-metallic rigid barriers or partitions, with external terminals in insulated coverings, while Form 4b Type 6, has all forms of separation via metallic or non-metallic rigid barriers or partitions, and in Form 4b Type 7 the terminals are external to the functional unit compartment and enclosed in their own compartment with rigid barriers or partitions, and an integral glanding facility.

Order a form 4 switchboard from DaRa Switchboards

If you need a quote for an extra safe form of separation switchboard, get in touch with the DaRa sales team by calling 03 8544 3300. Alternatively, you can send an email to info@dara-switchboards.com.au or complete our online contact form.

Buying your Form 4 Switchboard from DaRa guarantees that you’ll not just be getting a high quality product that meets all the relevant safety standards, but that you’ll get top quality customer service too.

Dara are a switchboard manufacturing company based in Melbourne. We sell switchboard gear online such as switchboard escutcheon, switchboard enclosures, meter panels & more.
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