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Our newly developed Dara Synergy Smart (DSS) series panel boards have been very popular for its functionality and adaptability to be used in modular and multi-tier distribution boards, main switchboards and mechanical services switchboards. DSS series is designed in various depths, widths and heights to simplify custom sheet metal requirements and to offer the optimum design space for your electrical installation.


  • Can be used with any DIN or CLIP tray mounted circuit breaker arrangements
  • Can be made to have doors and escutcheons hinged left or right
  • Removable hinged escutcheon
  • Top, bottom or rear removable gland plates
  • Ventilation louvers on side of the enclosure and/or doors
  • Can be wall mounted or floor mounted using a channel plinth
  • Circuit identification and Schedule cards supplied
  • Australian made



  • Distribution boards of more than 250A rating
  • Main distribution boards
  • Main switchboards
  • Motor control centres
  • Mechanical services switchboard

Technical Data

  • Complies with AS/NZS 3439.1 and 3439,3
  • 1P54 Degree of protection as standard and upgradable to P56 with rain hood
  • Enclosure depth 225mm, 325mm or 425mm including door
  • Enclosure width 590mm 630mm, 700mm or 900mm
  • 2.0mm Zinc seal steel construction
  • Powder coating finish-two stage preparation consisting of degrease, iron phosphate etch and rinse followed by an electro statically applied polyester powder coat of 80 microns thick
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