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Reliability is the key to a successful switchboard, requiring accurate, thorough design and an expert eye to ensure compliance with the latest switchboard standards. We at DaRa Switchboards understand that every situation – and therefore every switchboard – needs a unique approach, which is why we make sure our modular switchboards never inhibit the needs of the customer. If finding the perfect modular switchboard for your business is proving a challenge, then look no further – DaRa Switchboards embraces custom-design methods and a streamlined manufacturing process to meet your delivery and quality requirements.
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Our in-house, competitive modular switchboard solution

By relying or predominantly focusing on one type of construction, our competitors restrict their ability to offer the absolute best solution and product to meet your budget. DaRa Switchboards use three main enclosure types for modular switchboard construction: Cubic, Elsteel and Legrand XL3. Our modular switchboards can be constructed for any form of separation, from Form 1 with no separation at all, right up to Form 4b – designed with separation of busbars and all functional units, alongside a partition of all outgoing terminals. The custom design of a DaRa Switchboard is a smooth process that benefits from active communication, whether constructing a motor control centre (MCC) or mains switchboard (MSB). Upon receipt of an order, the design engineers at DaRa Switchboards first approach the needs of the customer and requirements from the product. We take into consideration things such as:

  • Cable entry direction
  • Cable size
  • Switchroom size restrictions
  • Supply authority


In fact, when designing switchboards, our engineers take all related and pertinent information into account, then use 2D and 3D design tools to accurately draft the most beneficial and efficient modular switchboard designs. Once these are sent through to our customers for approval, we then assign a project manager to oversee the manufacturing process and ensure delivery and quality is exactly to the standard you require.

The benefits of choosing DaRa Switchboards

Switchboards are meant to last. With a projected service life of 25 years, a switchboard designed and constructed by DaRa Switchboards today is guaranteed to meet the latest requirements of any industry.

To highlight this, our current construction method is fully compliant to the latest Switchboard standard – AS/NZS 61439.1 – that came into effect from May 2016, while still remaining compliant in parallel to the old switchboard standard – AS/NZS 3439.1 – running in tandem until 2021. Every department of DaRa Switchboards operates from within the same site, providing greater control and efficiency in delivering projects on-time and within budget.

As everything is built in-house, we can provide custom services including sheet metal fabrication, powder coating and the custom assembly and wiring for modular switchboards. Our expert team of engineers are dedicated to providing the best and most current solutions for our clients, incorporating cutting-edge electrical design and swift manufacturing times to deliver high-quality products.

The 5000m2 manufacturing facility of DaRa uses SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software for accurate and powerful in-house design, along with a number of customisable processes including turret punching, welding, grinding and laser engraving. Above is just a sampling of the benefits our design and manufacturing team bring to a project. To discover the full range of features offered by DaRa Switchboards, take a virtual look at our facility online.

Switch to the right design choice with DaRa Switchboards

Our modular switchboard design process offers unparalleled diversity and flexibility when fulfilling the needs of circuit control. No two projects are exactly the same so, if you’d like to find out how DaRa Switchboards can offer a unique solution to your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.