Temporary Power Boards

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Our temporary power board solves the problems of providing safe and reliable, temporary power to construction sites, building sites and mining sites.

Our design is fully compliant to AS/NZS3012 which helps electrical contractors to satisfy regulatory requirements on construction and demolition sites. The hinged door with a strong door stay providing a more practical solution for on-site construction.

ALL DARA temporary boards feature RCD protection overload protection and also overload protection on all circuits. A solid powder-coated enclosure, built to handle the toughest conditions completes the total package. Our temporary power boards also include a circuit for lighting with an RCD test point behind locked cover.


Our boards are built tough to withstand the rough treatment at construction sites and you won’t have to buy another temporary power board for your next field job.


The drop down door makes it ideal for outdoor, high wind conditions. (imagine a side hinged door that was not locked properly opening and hitting your work safe inspector!) Also all the individual socket outlets in our boards are overload protected giving extra protection for all your electrical tools used on the construction site.


Purchase our temporary power board and you’ll be backed by our comprehensive in house manufacturing and on-site support.